Sunday, 9 January 2011


I moved to Madrid and stayed there for three days and moved to Granada, where I'm at now. I visited a couple of museums and saw many famous works in Madrid. It was raining most of the time but not too heavy. Very interesting city. They have a huge garden in the main station and so many turtles in it's pond. Some swimming and some sitting still like a stone.
Four hours and a bit train ride from Madrid to Granada. My departure was at five so I was looking outside of the train when the sun was setting. Beautiful sunset it was. I think I've heard a term "the sky is burning" before. I'm not sure I get the real meaning but it looked like it was. The sky around the sun was like the surface of oil. So many colours mixed, the colors I don't know the name of or maybe there is no name for those colours, the "colour of surface of oil" colour.
Granada is another unique place. I've never been to Morocco but it is said that Granada has it's culture. Many small shops pouring out onto a narrow streets selling souvenirs. So many kinds of smell too. On one street it is spicy and when I cross a street and then it changes to a smell of incense from the souvenir shops. Another turn into a narrower street where there's no shop and you'll encounter an odor of cat piss and dog droppings. Interesting isn't it. I enjoyed walking and smelling the streets but I also enjoyed visiting Alhambra. Tiny tiny decoration was everywhere in the palace. Neat.
I'm leaving Granada tomorrow and move to a town called Alicante. Then I'm going to work for two weeks in a mountain close to Alicante. HelpX is a very good thing, I would recommend to anyone who is interested to work for short term abroad, or in your own country, of course. Anyway, I'm going to stay in the quiet mountain area and wind up my spring for the last bit of my "odyssey".pictures: above, in Madrid. I don't know what it was but some kind of festival was going on on the sixth. below, inside the Alhambra. the father is pointing at a ceiling which looked like a night sky full of stars.

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