Friday, 30 July 2010

carry that weight

Last day in Shetland. I carried around my backpack in the car so I forgot how heavy it was. I'll start carrying it on my back again in Norway from tomorrow.
I don't have a plan as usual, but I hope I'll see many nature like I did in Shetland. I didn't know the country was so big that it goes really high up to the north. I might go up there and see the midnight sun. If I make it in time.
I spent two months in UK. Three and a half month since I started my "odyssey".
Still more to come!
picture: above, gannet before the dive. below, arctic tern with fish

Saturday, 24 July 2010


It's been ten days since I came to Shetland. I've explored the mainland and some smaller islands. I sometimes sleep in my car and when I do so, I always park where there are no houses around and by the sea, which isn't too difficult here. Watching the sunset by the sea is pretty awesome. Shetland is a very friendly place and full of nature, and sheep. I found that "where are you from?" question is not a FAQ here.
I'm back in the hostel where I stayed at before. I'll drive up to edge of the mainland tomorrow and hopefully see some otters.
picture: above, some building by the sea. below, puffins in conversation, up in Unst

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Three days ago, I went to Bressay. I had to go to the car hire company in the morning because my car had a flat tire. Arrived at Bressay afternoon. I planned to visit Noss the next day so that I could spend the whole day. Next day, drove to the place where a small boat sails across the ocean between Bressay and Noss. I was amazed that I slept enough in that small car, it was too windy and rainy that I couldn't bother pitching the tent up. Anyway, as I reached the mini port, I found out that Noss isn't open. Due to the stormy weather. Decided to go back to the mainland and come back another day. Stayed at B&B that night.
17,July. The B&B I stayed at was super nice. They offered me a dinner and discount for another night! So, feeling good to have a place to come back for the night, I went out to explore the west part of Shetland. First five hours was not so unusual, walking through some fields, meeting very few people. The last ninety minutes or so was the most exciting part of the day, or the week.
I wasn't checking on time so not sure, but I started my walk around ten. And maybe around three I encountered this mysterious hill on my right side. For no real reason, I started climbing it. I thought it will be a short cut…wrong, but I didn't know at this point, I had no real map to follow, only a small one you can get at the information canter. I was hopping and climbing up the hillside trying not to step on too many sheep feces and avoiding to get wet from the small streams all over the place. Very near to the summit, there was another shallow stream, so I was crossing it like the others…it was not like the others, it was a swamp! I dropped into the swamp right up to my knees. It was like a quick sand but not so deadly. It didn't feel good but I was laughing for such an unusual event and the fact that my legs were covered in sheep poop and piss. So, not feeling too down, I started to finish my ascent. I reached the top and found out that it wasn't a short cut. The village was so far. But still thinking about the drop, I carried on. I knew a gull crying above my head but didn't pay any attention to it. But after a while I realized that they were gathering up. Maybe half a dozen of them above me. That point, I realized I was in their home. And then they started to glide really close me. Whoosh! There was one big black one kept gliding and gliding just a foot away from me. I could see he wasn't like other gulls, he really wanted me out. I learned that the bird's name was Skua and in the book it said they do the things they did to me, and very unusual but they sometimes attack people. After fighting with those birds, I got back to the B&B around five. I think it'll be one of the most memorable day in Shetland.
Today, I tried to go to Noss because of the fine weather, but it was too windy so it was closed again. Maybe someday…
I'm back to Lerwick hostel again. Maybe go to north part tomorrow. It's difficult to find a Wi-Fi area in Shetland.

picture: arctic tern

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Today, I hired a car. Tried a few rent a car company but most of them had an age limit between 25-70. Lucky it wasn't all of them.
Since I have a car now, I can go around the islands wherever I want and I can camp easily. Tomorrow I think I'll go to Bressay, just seven minutes on ferry from Lerwick. Seems like it's going to be a bad weather. Still, I have a car so not a big issue. Although, I would like to camp tomorrow so maybe I will have to sleep in the car…

picture: ocean, five minutes walk from hostel

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


After twelve hours of ferry travel, ferry arrived at Lerwick, Shetland. I didn't get sea sick, but I had the similar feeling of being in the sea all day and you feel the wave when you go to bed that night.
I saw around the town and did a short walk today. Tired from the long sailing so I didn't do much. Thankfully, the weather was super.
I'll walk around the cost if the weather isn't too bad tomorrow. The hostel I'm staying at now is very good! One of my best hostel so far.

picture:above, from a port in Lerwick. below, "almost missed it"

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Second day in Scotland. I flew to Inverness from Bristol yesterday and came to Aberdeen today by train. Yesterday's flight was a bit delayed but it wasn't too bad. I was worried about the weather in Inverness but luckily only few rain drops on my head.
Arrived at Aberdeen hostel around four, had early dinner and ready for the final. I watched the final at a pub just in front of the hostel. The place's name was something Dutch hotel…obviously there were more people supporting Holland. Although there were quite a few Spain supporters too, including me. The place was full! We were like canned sardines. It was hot and we had to stay standing but I had a very good time. I'll never forget this world cup, “the wold cup which was held during my odyssey”. I'll miss the 19:30 let's watch the world cup routine.

My ferry leaves seven in the evening tomorrow, so I have a time to look around the city of Aberdeen. And then I'll be in Shetland island on Tuesday morning!

picture: taken at the same place as the previous post

Friday, 9 July 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Today was my last day in Bristol. Stayed here longer than I thought, the house was too comfortable that leaving wasn't easy.
I had to do my bookings today such as airline ticket, ferry etc… To go to Shetland island from Bristol, I'll be riding airplane, bus, train and ferry. Yeah!
Seems like the weather in Scotland is not like those I had here in Bristol, heavy rain. Still, I had unusually hot days so that was good.
I might be a bit numb with my solo trip because of being with my uncle family for too long, but I hope I'll catch up soon and I'm very excited about the Shetland trip. The days will be even longer than here.

picture: taken at a field where my uncle took me

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Like a rolling stone

What happened after Wales…
First of all, Japan left the tournament of World Cup after fine performance and exciting games. I wanted for them to win, watching their games outside of Japan made me want to support them more than ever.
I came back to Bristol again after visiting Wales. There were big family reunion here and I met my cousins(new cousins too, actually. Yeah!!). And after having a great fun here again, I went to a music festival at Kent from Friday and came back today. Thanks to my Dad's friend, he put my name on the guest list and I was able to see many famous artists, including Van Morrison, Ray Davis and Bob Dylan. My favorite was Ray Davis but they were all good. They know how to entertain the audience. After the festival and the scorching heat in Kent, again I came back to Bristol today.
So, mainly what I did for last few weeks was having fun, or maybe for last few months.
My plan after here is Shetland island which is north from Scotland. I'm hoping to sail to Norway from there but there might be no ferry for that route so if not, I'll fly. But either way I'll be leaving Bristol sometime next week and will be leaving UK during July. Another ten days or so and it'll be three months since I started my trip. Good times. Borrowing the words Nadal said earlier today after winning the Wimbledon,
"Es más que un sueño". In English, he said "it's beyond my dream" or something like that. Maybe I'm not using it right but anyway I'm having a good time and glad that I still have another eight months.

picture is a peregrine falcon leaping from a dead branch in bristol