Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Came to Rennes today. Paris in Christmas season was very busy. Many tourists from various countries. Paris was colder than I thought. Weather wasn't doing good either. Still, I had a good time visiting the famous sites and the museums.
I came to the west to visit Mont Saint Micheal. I have to take a bus from Rennes and it is tough to find a hostel which is open this time of the year. I hope I'll make it to Mont Saint Micheal and it's bay tomorrow.
picture: nighttime champs elysees.

Friday, 17 December 2010


Good day to visit Versailles, fine weather in Paris today.
Crossed Pont Neuf and caught a train near Notre Dame. About forty minutes train ride and I arrived at Versailles. The chateau and the vast garden was covered in thin layer of snow. Less tourist than I expected, didn't have to queue up for anything.
Painted ceilings, shining chandeliers, big empty rooms. How did it feel like living in such palace. I sure wouldn't feel comfortable. Very interesting though. The garden was like a book or something. If I could fold the garden in half in the middle, left page and the right page would match perfectly. Left is right and right is left, very symmetrical.
Got back to the city and pondered about. Food market was open near the hostel.pictures: above, inside of the chateau. below, exterior of it.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

onother day in Paris

Yesterday, my day started with a bit of snow. First place I walked to was Louvre. Huge. I only stayed there for like three hours (I guess that's not enough for such a big museum) but I saw many famous arts. Left the Louvre from the famous glass pyramid, I walked randomly and reached pompidou centre and then to Notre Dame. People were praying and lighting candles in Notre Dame. And then, after Nortre Dame, I walked to musee d'orsay. It was much smaller than Louvre. Many famous works were there too. Walked back to the hostel passing the night time Louvre and illuminated streets. very arty day it was.
Today, it was raining. I wanted to go to Versailles but thought it will be better without the rain so decided to walk around Paris. So, didn't enter any of the famous architectures but saw some old buildings and walked along avenue des champs elysees. The avenue was also lit up like the other streets but it kept raining all day.
I think I'll go to Versailles tomorrow if the weather isn't too bad.pictures: above, Eiffel tower. below, inside Notre Dame.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I arrived at Paris last night. Left Bern after staying longer than I thought, and I visited Geneva before coming to Paris. Maybe because of the wind, Paris feels colder than Bern. Geneva was sunny and warmer, busier than it's country's capital city. River runs through the city. I didn't do much other than walking but it was interesting still. I saw the fountain, city's icon, and the awesome snow capped mountains which surrounded the city.
Today, I walked to the Arc de Triomphe and climbed to the top, and also walked through parc de Monceau on the way. I think the park was mentioned in one of the class in my University. There are so many other parks and architectures in Paris of which I only heard the name. picture: above, from top of the Arc de Triomphe. below, Geneva.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Guess what, I'm still in Bern. Not only Sunday, I now know how Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday looks like.
I like Bern. It's a small city so it doesn't take long time to walk around the place but there are a lot in it. I enjoyed just to ponder around. I went to Einstein museum which is in historical museum of Bern. It was very interesting. It explained some of his inventions in a easy way and learned a few things about Einstein. Now I can spell his name. Other days, I went out walking and saw the markets and stuff.
I went to Interlaken today. It's an hour train trip from Bern and it's surrounded by lake. I tried to hike up a mountain to have a good view of the area but the forest rangers were using chainsaw so I couldn't enter. Instead, I walked along a river. It led me to one of the lake and it was amazing. Very quiet. The surface of the water was a bit wavy so the lake wasn't like a mirror, but it was awesome with the fog and tranquility. The water was as blue as the tarpaulin on the boats.
I think I'm leaving tomorrow but I found a place called "top of Europe". I heard the locals saying it's a must visit. So…we'll see…pictures: above, city of Bern. middle, train to Bern, I guess. below, at Interlaken

Saturday, 4 December 2010

shake, rattle and role

I came to Bern today. About an hour train trip from Zurich.
Arrived around midday and I found the streets busier than Zurich. Maybe it was Saturday thing, I don't know, but many shops and tourists flooded out onto the roads. One of the street entertainer was playing Elvis, singing "get out of that bed, wash your face and hands…" they had the hair like the king and they certainly made the place even more merrier.
I'll look around the city of Bern tomorrow. What would Sunday Bern be like.picture: above, chess, bigger. below, lamp shop. both in Zurich

Friday, 3 December 2010


I came to Zurich from Pontresina. I was thinking of visiting Liechtenstein before Zurich but all the hostels were closed for the season.
Much less snow in Zurich compared to Pontresina. Still quite cold though. I enjoyed walking in the town at nighttime, the place is full of illumination. Many tourist on the streets both nighttime and daytime.
picture: Zurich at night