Sunday, 11 July 2010


Second day in Scotland. I flew to Inverness from Bristol yesterday and came to Aberdeen today by train. Yesterday's flight was a bit delayed but it wasn't too bad. I was worried about the weather in Inverness but luckily only few rain drops on my head.
Arrived at Aberdeen hostel around four, had early dinner and ready for the final. I watched the final at a pub just in front of the hostel. The place's name was something Dutch hotel…obviously there were more people supporting Holland. Although there were quite a few Spain supporters too, including me. The place was full! We were like canned sardines. It was hot and we had to stay standing but I had a very good time. I'll never forget this world cup, “the wold cup which was held during my odyssey”. I'll miss the 19:30 let's watch the world cup routine.

My ferry leaves seven in the evening tomorrow, so I have a time to look around the city of Aberdeen. And then I'll be in Shetland island on Tuesday morning!

picture: taken at the same place as the previous post

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