Wednesday, 29 September 2010

on a farm

Ten days at the farm went by in a flash. Hard working days and good foods were so good. Each night the dream world came as soon as I hit the sack. Yes, I had a fine time.
The thing I did is called HelpX, helpers help a host and they'll help the helpers by giving food and accommodation. Lots of helping going around.
There are always things to do on a farm. Take care the cattle, cultivate the field, chopping some wood, grass cutting, and hunting for some berries or mushrooms into the forest… Good times. Most of the foods I ate there were produced at the farm. The food only traveled a few meters, only one or two human contact and it was already on my plate. Groovy!
I learned a lot and made me think a lot. And that's what I wanted. And also since I was missing my dog, I had a very good time with the dogs at the farm. There was a very handsome rottweiler who loved to play. Tackling and pulling ropes, he was a tough one.
My next destination is Copenhagen. Germany will be the next after that.
picture: above, rottweiler. below, his only son. he has the energy just like his father

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