Monday, 29 November 2010


Although the hostel I'm staying at is pretty big and clean, I'm the only one here. If there is such thing as a high season and low season, now is definitely the low season.
I had breakfast and left the hostel around nine. My plan for today was to hike to a town called Surlej. I arrived there around two. I was walking very slowly and stopping sometimes, my eyes and ears censored for any kind of animal encounter. Creatures I saw was only some squirrels and birds which I couldn't identify. Spotted some deer foot prints but that was it. The walk started off with snow but around mid day the sun appeared. Today was another day to prove my boots are the best! Five hours walk in the snow and dry feet, Super.
From Surlej, there is a cable car station which will take me up to Mt Corvatsch, 3303 meters high. Mt Fuji, Japan's highest mountain, is 3776 meters high. I cheated by taking the cable car but I was almost as high as the highest point in Japan.
The summit was freezing. I think it was somewhere between -15 and -20 centigrade. I went out to take some pictures but my nostril started to freeze (at least it felt like so) and my hands were numb. The view was so beautiful with the blue sky and wind blowing up the dust like snow but I couldn't stay out no longer than five minutes. Maybe less than that. My super boots couldn't endure such condition, my feet were freezing too.
Came down and took the bus to the town I'm staying, Pontresina. I might walk to a lake tomorrow but maybe it is frozen. Since the ones I saw today were frozen. picture: above, evening sun hitting a mountain summit. middle, me. below, from 3303m high.

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