Thursday, 18 November 2010

rainy tuscany

I am in a town near Florence and doing HelpX. I've been here for two weeks and this is my last week.
The farm I'm staying at has about 600 olive trees and my job here is to prune them and to pick the olives. It's been a wonderful stay and I learned many things. Working with other helpXers was also great. I guess I came in the rainy season, most of the days were rainy and sometimes stormy. Still, it was nice to see the coloring leaves and misty mountains. There are many tiny towns in the mountains. Buildings are very close to each other
and it feels strange to walk around it.
I went to Florence one weekend. Climbed up the stairs of the Duomo and crossed ponte vecchio. Panorama view from the Duomo was great with sun light leaking through the cloud.
Tomorrow will be the last working day. I'll spend the weekend here and move to Switzerland.
picture: above, city of Firenze. below, goat at the farm.

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