Thursday, 16 December 2010

onother day in Paris

Yesterday, my day started with a bit of snow. First place I walked to was Louvre. Huge. I only stayed there for like three hours (I guess that's not enough for such a big museum) but I saw many famous arts. Left the Louvre from the famous glass pyramid, I walked randomly and reached pompidou centre and then to Notre Dame. People were praying and lighting candles in Notre Dame. And then, after Nortre Dame, I walked to musee d'orsay. It was much smaller than Louvre. Many famous works were there too. Walked back to the hostel passing the night time Louvre and illuminated streets. very arty day it was.
Today, it was raining. I wanted to go to Versailles but thought it will be better without the rain so decided to walk around Paris. So, didn't enter any of the famous architectures but saw some old buildings and walked along avenue des champs elysees. The avenue was also lit up like the other streets but it kept raining all day.
I think I'll go to Versailles tomorrow if the weather isn't too above, Eiffel tower. below, inside Notre Dame.

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