Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Guess what, I'm still in Bern. Not only Sunday, I now know how Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday looks like.
I like Bern. It's a small city so it doesn't take long time to walk around the place but there are a lot in it. I enjoyed just to ponder around. I went to Einstein museum which is in historical museum of Bern. It was very interesting. It explained some of his inventions in a easy way and learned a few things about Einstein. Now I can spell his name. Other days, I went out walking and saw the markets and stuff.
I went to Interlaken today. It's an hour train trip from Bern and it's surrounded by lake. I tried to hike up a mountain to have a good view of the area but the forest rangers were using chainsaw so I couldn't enter. Instead, I walked along a river. It led me to one of the lake and it was amazing. Very quiet. The surface of the water was a bit wavy so the lake wasn't like a mirror, but it was awesome with the fog and tranquility. The water was as blue as the tarpaulin on the boats.
I think I'm leaving tomorrow but I found a place called "top of Europe". I heard the locals saying it's a must visit. So…we'll see…pictures: above, city of Bern. middle, train to Bern, I guess. below, at Interlaken

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