Thursday, 28 October 2010

roam around rome

Another fine day in Rome. I headed for Vatican in the morning but it was already queuing. Instead, I walked around the area. I had lunch and headed back to the hostel. After siesta, I went out again to see an evening look of Rome. There were less people on the streets but many cars. It's quite dark around seven in Rome. I passed night version of Colosseo and walked to Pantheon. The exterior is under construction now but there is no difficulty for entering the temple. Every visitors are forced to gaze up as they enter. I, of course, did the same. The hole or the Oculus to be precise. I saw nothing but a darkening sky through the window. Though it wasn't just a sky, it didn't bore me staring at it. Oculus means a circular window and it also means eye in Latin. Eye would be more appropriate than a window is what I felt.
I had a light dinner and headed back towards the hostel again. One last peek at the Colosseo on the way back but the place was almost empty by then. Few people taking pictures of Colosseo in light-up or guys selling souvenirs on the street.
I had a good time in Rome. Many things to see but it is easy because the famous things are so famous that I don't have to do research for "what to see", just go.
I will leave Rome tomorrow.picture: above, Vatican and it's queue. below, entering the pantheon.

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