Wednesday, 16 June 2010

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Already nearly two weeks since my last post. These are highlights of last couple of weeks.
After London, I went to Bristol. I met my dad and uncle family there. Celebrated my granddad's eightieth birthday. We left Bristol and went to north east of York(not sure of the location because I had no clue where I was)to see sea birds and camped at a farm by the coast. So many birds! I've never seen so many sea birds on one sight and such diversity of birds. My knowledge about birds was and still is not good, but now I know a little about those sea birds I saw there. Four days of rain and cloudy weather were a bit annoying, but the strong wind helped us to see interesting actions of the sea birds. Very dynamic and acrobatic movements. Spectacular! Although we enjoyed seeing such a view in a stormy weather, I was very excited to see the sun on the last day. So nice to feel it's warmth on me.
After the camp, we visited my dad's friend. They live in a very nice house and a garden. Then came back to Bristol again. And today, after saying good bye to my dad because I won't see him till when I go back to Japan, I resumed my solo trip. Next destination, Wales. About six hours on a train, I reached Porthmadog, north west of Wales. Decided to come here because I heard that Snowdonia national park is very beautiful. My plan after Porthmadog was to hop on a steam train and stay at a hostel, which didn't happen. Hostel was fully booked for tonight! So I'm stuck in B&B in Porthmadog. Much expensive than hostel but it's okay sometimes.
I didn't know the language they speak here was so different from English. They will talk to me in English, but when they are talking to each other, Welsh all over again. Absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
I'll move to hostel tomorrow. Very excited to hike around the area.

picture: puffins in a row and a gannet studying the wind

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