Friday, 18 June 2010

on a misty mountain top

It was very misty when I started hiking this morning around ten. It wasn't cold but I was expecting a sunny day like yesterday so I was a bit worried that it might rain. From below, the summit was hidden by a thick fog and I could see it gradually invading the surface as the wind blew. Cool and good temperature for walking. As I got closer and closer to the summit, misty air was clearing up. I was above it. Around noon I reached the summit of Snowdon. Very open view, like that of the Grand Canyon. Had a break at the top, saw mountain train and I started descending. Going down was easier as usual. No rain, just a few drops.
Bought food for tonight and headed toward hostel. I wanted to see today's match, England vs Algeria, but there is no TV in this hostel or pub nearby, so meanwhile I'm writing this. I might hop into a pub to see Japan vs Netherlands tomorrow.

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