Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Today was fifth day in London. Weather isn't as good as America. Typical Britain weather I guess, shower or gray sky. I did have moments with nice blue sky showing, but it's raining again today. Till now, I've visited Serpentine gallery, china town in soho, millennium bridge, Tate modern, St Paul's cathedral and British museum. I had a plan to walk around the central London today, but since it's raining I decided not to. Maybe tomorrow, when the weather is better.
I think I'll spend nearly two months in UK. It is possible to change anytime, but that'll mean my longest stay in one country during this trip. I want to travel around all over, including Ireland. I hear June and July is good season, so looking forward to have another great time in this island country. I have no idea yet, but as soon as I start moving, I think I'll remember how big America was.

picture: St Paul's from millennium bridge. seeing good pictures in black and white at the Tate, I felt like trying my self.

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