Thursday, 17 June 2010


Very fine day again. I left Porthmadog around eleven and started walking toward hostel. I thought about taking a bus to the hostel but checking in wasn't available till five. I didn't want to arrive too early and wander around with my big backpack, so I decided to walk. At least to Beddgelert, where I can catch a bus goes to hostel directly. It wasn't an easy walk, super heavy backpack! Distance was about eight miles, which isn't too bad, but with the weight on my shoulder and the heat made it difficult. Car would take only ten minutes but I had to walk for four and a half hours with resting few times. Goodness of today's walk was that it wasn't raining, and the scenery was nice. I think it was worth it. And I have to train myself carrying my pack long distance, I don't have a car any more. So, it turned out as a very good day. Training in a beautiful day with a view.
After Beddgeler was easy. Wait for a bus and done. My plan tomorrow is to climb Snowdon.

picture: resting point at Prenteg bus station. four and a half miles to go.

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