Sunday, 24 October 2010


I moved to Naples from Ravenna and from Naples to Amalfi.
The bus drivers around Amalfi are amazing. To drive a bus on a narrow, steep, winding roads would be a nightmare for me. But the super drivers here aren't scared of it. They know the roads, they'll turn and backup and do everything to reach the destination.
I'm staying at a hostel in Agerola, few kilometers away from Amalfi. I walked to Amalfi today by taking a hiking shortcut route. It's called the path of gods and it has 2700steps(I didn't count it). Going down the steps weren't that much of a trouble. I reached Amalfi around mid day and had lunch. I did a short sightseeing and started the hike back because it started to rain. The rain soon cleared up and the sun shined on Amalfi again. It was hot. Going up the stairs in the afternoon isn't the best time.
Amalfi was very unique. Nothing like the places I've been. I will walk around Agerola tomorrow.
picture: above, part of Amalfi. below, tornado. there is a tiny spot on the right half of the picture where the tornado is touching the surface of the sea. (I think)

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