Monday, 4 October 2010


The first thing what surprised me entering Germany was that the train from Denmark boarded the ferry like a car would do so. The railway went through into the ferry. I was sitting in the train which was in the ferry, how odd is that. I wasn't expecting that.
When I hear the word "Berlin", the first thing which would come to mind is the wall. Parts are still kept and the visitors can see the remains of it. It has an atmosphere of it's own. I felt it was very quiet.
Berlin is a city where people live. Just ten minutes or so walk from the city center and there would be an apartment block, many of them. Another thing I noticed was that there are many ways to get around inside Berlin. Most unique one is segway I would say. I saw an advert maybe in San Francisco, but I haven't seen someone actually using it for sightseeing. Nice. Good weather, flat roads, I think those who rode them had a good time.
I'm leaving Berlin tomorrow, not yet sure where to go next but somewhere south. Where I can see some big castle.
picture: remains of the wall

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