Friday, 8 October 2010


I felt like some kind of fugitive or something coming from Dresden. Twice I got asked by the police to show my passport. When they came the second time (different police from the first ones), I said I just showed it to the other police ten minutes ago. They didn't speak English but a kind man talked to them for me. I could understand if they were checking all of us but it was only me. I guess it was one of those days when you look like a criminal.
Never mind about that, I arrived at Munich around four. Cloudy and dark, not a fine welcome. I walked around the town today. It wasn't a "walk through the park" weather but I went to English garden, one of the largest urban parks in the world. I also went up to the top of Frauenkirche.
Many churches and buildings in Munich. Also many cars on the street. I would say it's a busy city.
I'm moving on again tomorrow. Two hours train trip to a place called Fussen. I'm going to visit a castle there.

picture: taken from top of

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