Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Fussen is a small peaceful town located five kilometers from the Austrian border. The town is famous for the beautiful castle, Neuschwanstein castle.
To the castle from Fussen is about one hour walk. I had a bad feeling from the beginning of the walk, this area is so misty that it's like walking through a cloud. As I expected, the fog was so thick that I couldn't see the top of the castle. Shame. But walking back to the town was very nice with the coloring leaves and a calm lake. Autumn had come and gone and now the winter is on it's way.
I came to a town called Schwangau yesterday, only one hour walk from Fussen. I went up a mountain by a cable car, which was absolutely breathtaking. The weather was like the usual, thick cloud and very heavy air. Couple of minutes on the cable car, we were in the cloud. White was everything outside of the window. After a minute or less, we were out of the cloud. Sun. Sea of cloud and layers of mountain for miles and miles. It felt like the starting point of the cable car was another world. I had a walk at the top and enjoyed the sun. Coming back down again was strange. Welcome back to the real world.
I had a very good time here. My recent stops were big cities and I was starting to miss the peaceful countryside. Although the air was dumpy and a bit chilly, I enjoyed my stay. I like winter too.
Since the border is so close, I'm thinking of entering Austria on foot tomorrow.picture: all from top of the mountain (mt. Branderschr.)

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