Sunday, 27 February 2011


I'm now in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From Sofia, I went to Belgrade, which was an interesting train ride. Few police men came in at the border and started searching the compartment like they were trying to take apart the train. We had to step out of the compartment while they were working. Taking off the light cover, poking a stick in between of the walls, unscrewing stuff. And they didn't even touch our luggage. Since I was taking night trains and night buses for awhile, changing cities in a daytime felt different. Less tiring. Belgrade was interesting city as well. Bombed buildings still remaining with collapsed walls. I think it was snowing the whole time I was in Belgrade. Stayed in Belgrade for a few nights and moved to Zagreb. Only stayed for one night and took the early bus to Dubrovnik so didn't have enough time to do sightseeing. Almost twelve hours on the bus, exhausting.
Walked around the old town and took the night bus back to Zagreb. Spring was much more advanced in Dubrovnik compared to Belgrade. It was great just sitting on a bench absorbing the sun and breathing in the warm wind. I arrived at Zagreb early this morning and took a train to Ljubljana. I'm moving swiftly because… because I have to go home. I have some stuff to sort out to resume my studies. I was not sure when to go back but I was expecting a bit later. Although, I was thinking this could be a good thing because if I had a plan, I would be thinking about going home and remembering about the great journey all the time like two weeks before the departure. I only had less than a week before deciding when to go back and my brain is already in a mess. Remembering where I've been, thinking about Japan… Times on the bus or train, I can't stop thinking about my year. Slowly I'm waking up from my dream, or, I'm drifting into another one. Who above, sunny Dubrovnik. below, poser in Sofia.

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