Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ruins, dogs, strikes, Athens

I left Spain last Sunday, stayed one week longer than I planned. I flew to Athens from Barcelona.
In the village I was staying, the Almond trees were starting to bloom. I left just before the full blossom.
Athens is busier than I expected. Many cars and tourists. And what it surprised me the most was that there are so many dogs. Not skinny old stray dogs, but big fat ones. They sometimes walk close to people to beg but most of the time they are sleeping on the street. Very quiet and calm they are, but I felt a bit of uneasiness when five of them suddenly appeared at the hostel entrance. No harm, they came just to sleep there. Also many police in the city center maybe because of the strike. I heard the metros and buses aren't working. It's not hitting me that hard but it is a big issue for the people who wants to go to the airport. Can't walk to the airport so the only option for them is to take the taxi. So, I may not seeing the best time of Athens but I did go to the Acropolis, where it was also inhabited by dogs. It always amazes me when I see a big dog lying in the middle of a path. I like dogs but I thought Athens isn't a place for those who hate dogs or scared of them. It was strange and funny for me. I'll leave Athens tomorrow and go to a town called Kalambaka. I'm visiting Meteora from there. Buses and trains leaving Athens are running okay(so I heard).
Entered the month of February. Chop chop, get moving.
picture: Parthenon

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