Friday, 4 February 2011


I left Athens on the third. About six hours train ride to a town called Kalambaka, which is the town close to Meteora. I met a group of people who were staying at the same hostel in Athens at Kalambaka. Next day, we started our hike around nine. Meteora is an area where monasteries are built on top of rock towers. Our day started with sunshine but there was still snow left from the previous night. I wasn't expecting snow in Greece. Though some parts of the hike was a bit tricky with the snow and ice, we managed to do our good six hours round trip visiting the monasteries. The view was absolutely amazing and the tower rocks made the scenery so unique. The monastery on top of the rocks weren't as old as we expected. At least it didn't look old.
We got back to the town and caught the train at half five. There were six of us in the group but half went back to Athens and the rest, including me, headed toward Thessaloniki, four hours on the above, tower rocks sprinkled with snow. below, closer shot of the monastery which is in the middle of the picture above.

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