Saturday, 5 February 2011

Night train

We were so tired that we were sent off to the dream world as soon as we hit the hay. Next morning, we left the luggage at the reception and went out to explore the city of Thessaloniki. Visited a couple of world heritage sites. Felt like the city was busier than Athens, more people, more car, wider roads. So many people having a evening drink by the port as the sun set. We collected our luggage and went to the train station to catch the night train to Istanbul. I'm so glad that I met these Chileans at Kalambaka. They have a plan and that's what I needed to visit as many places in limited time.
Train departed at eight. Few minutes later than the schedule. I went to sleep not too long after the departure. Got up with the voice "passport" from the corridor. It was around two am and we were crossing the border to Turkey. The police took my passport and got off the train. I wasn't sure why but soon he came back with it. I was browsing through my passport but there was no stump. Despite my confused feeling, the train started the journey again. But soon, I'm not sure how long it was after the passport check, the train stopped again. Police knocking on my door just like before and asked me for my passport. He checked it, kept it with him just like before and said "okay, you can get your visa". Not sure what's going on but I got off the train and went into a room which it said Visa, still half asleep. Signed my name on a paper and payed fifteen euro. Then the man at the desk said "okay", and I got back to my bed. I had no idea what was going on. When I asked one of the police officer, he just said "I don't speak English". I knew nothing bad will happen but I wanted to know where my passport is going and when I'm getting it back. Police officer came back after a bit and gave me the passport back. Next time, I had a visa stamp on my passport. Now it was all done. I got back to sleep. I was surprised I slept quite a bit in that shaky, noisy train. Not a comfortable bed but at least I sunset sea. zoomed in. Thessaloniki

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