Sunday, 13 February 2011

Pamukkale, Efes

Arrived at Pamukkale around six am. Rest for awhile and started our walk to Pamukkale around noon. It is winter so the famous pools are dried up. Or maybe it was because of the construction which was annoying with noise and cables. Had to walk bare foot on the hills of calcium carbonate. Sometimes the water was ice cold but the actual temperature was warm with the sun beaming right at us. It was amazing site but I was expecting to see the pools like in the photos so a bit disappointed I must say. We left Pamukkale for Efes around four, only four hours ride.
Stayed one night at a hotel and Efes tour the next day. Efes, the Turkish beer is names after the place so I heard. City of Efes was again, amazing. Old library, old toilet, old theater. Had cold lunch at a local restaurant. They serve cold dish in most of the place we went in Turkey, not my favorite style. Got back to hotel, got our luggage and last bus ride to Istanbul. Another ten hours.
I've never joined a tour before but it was good. I don't have to plan anything. No responsibility, just follow the schedule, which is easy sometimes. For Cappadocia, I think taking a tour was a good decision.
pictures: above, Pamukkale. below, Efes.

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