Thursday, 27 May 2010

I missed New York in June

I was lucky with the weather again. Fine weather and hot days.
Yesterday, I walked nearly 200 blocks. Went to Rockefeller center, Grand Central Station, Empire state building and Madison Square Garden. Most of the major sights in the area. Grand central station wasn't the plan but somehow I walked into it. It was big. There were guards with machine gun. Empire state building was too tall that I couldn't grasp the size of it. Standing on a street by it, you can't see the top. Yesterday was the hottest day in my New York days. It reminded me what summer was like.They did something to the air conditioner yesterday and the room was less stinky! yes!!
I went to the Wall street, a park where you can see the statue of liberty, and Ground Zero today. This time, I took the subway. Tall buildings with narrow road is what wall street is like. Many tourist. I thought why not hop on a ferry to see the statue of liberty closer, but since the queue was so long, I decided not to. Again, many tourist. From there to Ground zero was about ten minutes walk. The place where it happened. Very shocking sight. Maybe it was because of the cloudiness in the sky, or because of fewer tourist on sight, I don't know, but the atmosphere there was definitely less merrier than the others. To see it, you have to be there.

Today was my last day in the U.S. So soon. But also, I feel the day I flew in San Francisco was hundred years ago. Many things happened. Thankfully, they are all good memories. Next stop will be London. I haven't decided how long I will stay in the U.K. After America, there is absolutely no plan. I'll stay wherever whenever. If I like the place, it will be a long stay. If not, move on.
I think I'll come back to America someday. There are so many things I missed. It's impossible to see this insanely huge country in six weeks. I'm glad nothing bad happened, and I hope it to stay the same way rest of my trip. Touch wood.
I missed New York in June so I don't know if I like it or not. But May wasn't too bad.

another early rising tomorrow to catch the eight o'clock flight.
photo was taken at grand central station.

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  1. おっ!いつの間にかLONDON。。。