Sunday, 22 August 2010


After changing buses for four times, we reached Nervik around nine on Friday. We took the last beds in the hostel for the night. I had to do some research for the whale watch, how to go to the point and when it's open and stuff. But the internet at the hostel was super slow. So I decided to go to the information center the following morning. So, after having breakfast, we went to the center but it was shut…not again. Everything is shut on Saturdays too. Got back to the hostel. Tried the super slow internet to check the bus timetable. I found out that it is possible to go by bus. But I realized the timetable I was looking at was for Sunday. So, final option, car hire. The car hire place was next door so I walked there to check but it was shut. I thought about hitchhiking to the whale place but I simply decided to change my destination. To Abisko. Hour and a half ride on the train from Narvik.
Took the 14:50 train which goes all the way to Stockholm. Crossed the border during the train ride. I couldn't spot an obvious difference. Few minutes past four, the train arrived at Abisko. There I departed with my friend. He's going to Stockholm, eighteen hours on train. Gone around Norway with him, more fun to have a company to travel with. Also good to have a friend around so that I can speak Japanese as a first option. Now I'm back in the Englishness.
Abisko was more civilized than I imagined. Hotel and a tourist canter just by the station. I was going to camp near the station but they said I can't, unless I got out of the national park. So I camped at the campsite they offered. I was worried whether my sleeping bag was warm enough in this area. The result was, it was the limit. I wasn't too cold but I didn't feel warm and comfortable.
I went for a short hike in the morning and came back to the station to catch the train. Which was canceled for the day. Why! But there was a bus coming to pick us up, and I didn't have to pay for the ride. So, it turned out to be a good news. The bus took me to Kiruna. I'm staying here for a night and head east on the train tomorrow.
picture: taken at Abisko

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