Saturday, 7 August 2010


Nature in Norway is amazing!
I met my friend from Japan in Bergen. We moved to Stavanger from Bergen and went to Lysefjord. The hike was about three to four hours round trip and it was super view all the time. Our destination was
preikestolen, rock with flat top about 600m above the sea level. No fence or rope around it so some nutters would sit on the edge and look down… rumbling stomach just looking at this action. Quite a sight though. I felt dizzy but it was definitely worth the hike and the height. One of the greatest seen in my trip so far.
We moved to a place called Mjolfjell yesterday. Planning to visit two famous fjords from here. Love the nature in Norway! Hope we'll see more of the greatness.

picture: from preikestolen. difficult to tell the height from it but it was breathtaking.

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