Friday, 13 August 2010

The walk

Two weeks has passed in Norway.
We are now staying at Stryn, six hours to the north from Bergen. We visited two famous fjords from here. Geirangerfjord and Nordfjord. We cruised through the Geirangerfjord and walked up to the glacier of Nordfjord. Both were amazing but looking up the glacier and waterfalls were Super! My top two fjords would be Lysefjord where we hiked up to preikestolen and Nordfjord where the glacier is.

But before we left the last hostel(Mjolfjell), something we'll never forget happened…
That day, we went to Sognefjord. From hostel, we took a train and rode to the ferry port which cruises through the fjord. Descending almost 800m on train and the view from ferry was absolutely stunning. After the ferry trip, we hopped on a bus and got back to Voss, located about one hour on train from hostel. But the last train had already departed. We knew this but came to Voss anyway. We thought that there should be some way to go back to hostel. Our next option was to hire a car for a day, so we went to a information center and asked for a car hire place. But the information he gave us was an address of a kayak hire company. So, with "?" in our head, we asked for a real address for the car hire company at the kayak place and walked there. Shut. Sunday, nothing is open on Sunday. phew… now what. no train, no car, we asked how about rent a cycle but no. Only option was to walk. If it was like ten km or so we would start walking with no hesitation but the distance we had to walk was more than 40km. yikes! After a short rest with coke in our hand, we started the walk. First three hours of the walk we wasted by walking the wrong direction. We were walking with our thumbs up but no one stopped. We got back to Voss again. Maybe it was nine or eight o'clock by then but I'm not sure. We made another short mistake but finally got on the correct road. By then, the sun was almost behind the mountains. After that, we walked and walked. Sometimes stop at the station to rest. A car stopped but his destination was very near so he drove off. Thanks anyway. We passed a "26km to hostel" sign. Oh, boy we walked. We reached a station called Urdland around midnight. We were short on water so we thought there might be a tap. But more than that, there was a house with light on. I think it was station manager's house. I saw a guy from the window but I think he went to bed soon. No luck. We were exhausted by then. No way we could continue. We thought maybe the next station is better so we started walking again. Pitch black. The night has come. We walked another hour and reached a station. There was a small hut with light and bench so we decided to rest and wait for the first train next morning. The time was somewhere around two or three. It was cold but we caught the train next morning and walked six km and got back to hostel around ten. Although we couldn't make it all the way, we walked 40 km or more all together. Never walked such distance and maybe there was other option but we had fun time and we'll never forget those road we walked.

We are going to Oslo next to fly up to Notdkapp.
picture: above, glacier. below, at Urdland station

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