Thursday, 19 August 2010


We visited Nordkapp a few days ago. Too late to see the midnight sun but the arctic sea, the freezing wind and the symbol of Nordkapp welcomed us to the most northern point of Europe (I'm not sure but they said so). Couldn't believe it's still summer, we were shivering from the cold. It was somewhere around one degree centigrade. Got back to the hostel after walking around the place. We planned to come back in the evening to see the late sunset but the weather wasn't doing good so we stayed in. Came back to Alta again to return our car. On the way back to Alta, there was a guy on the road with his thumb up… of course we gave him a lift.
We returned the car this morning and going to leave Alta tomorrow morning. Going to Narvik. We can catch a train to Sweden from there. Before entering Sweden, I'll go bit more west to the Norwegian sea to see some wild life. There is a point to see some whales and if I'm lucky enough, I might be able to see some Killer whales.
picture: above, Nordkapp. below, Reindeer

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