Sunday, 15 August 2010

Arctic Circle

We left Stryn on Saturday afternoon and moved to Oslo airport by bus. It took almost nine hours. Reached the airport before midnight. Slept for a bit on the airport bench, which was surprisingly quite full. Woke up around five this morning and did the check in and luggage drop and other flying stuff. Flight from Oslo to Alta was two hours. Sleep for a bit and we were already there. Cold air. This ain't no summer, it's like winter in Japan. I forgot, we entered the Arctic. We missed it but up here in July, the sun stays up all night long. The midnight sun…nifty name.
Our aim up here is to go up to Nordkapp, or North cape in English. And to see some world heritages. Everything is far apart so we decided to rent a car. The nearest hostel is 15km from the airport. No thank you with my backpack on my back. Luckily, there was a car available, super small Toyota. Since we were starving, we decided to go shopping as soon as the check in was done. Again, it's Sunday!! Nothing is open. Only gas stand was open so we bought pasta and sauce for tonight. Still not use to the "Sunday, impossible to shop."
Now that we have a car, we have the freedom to go anywhere we want. For a kick off, we'll go up north to Nordkapp tomorrow. I bet it's going to be cold. The natives says it's warm today… if this is warm for them, I don't want to know what cold is like.

picture: Iris, taken back in Bristol.

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