Saturday, 17 April 2010

Año Nuevo

Today I got up around six. Saw the sunrise after having chicken soup and a croissant for breakfast.
I went to Santa Cruz to do some laundry and to buy some food. After storing the stuff I bought in the hostel fridge, I had lunch and headed for Año Nuevo State Park where the elephant seals are. To the coast where they were lying was about one and a half mile hike. As I got closer to the coast, I could hear them gulping, or maybe shouting. There were so many of them lying down comfortably under the warm California sun. They looked so peaceful when their eyes were shut.
Left the park after pottering around the park, then I bought a bit more stuff and got back to the hostel. I wanted to see the sunset but it got cloudy so I couldn't. Still, I'm staying at the Monterey hostel from tomorrow so I can see the beautiful sunset there.
My plan is to stay in these hostel for about a week and get use to the life in America. After I got the idea how to stay at the hostels, I will start going to the national parks. How exciting!

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