Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hot day

Got up before the sunset again. Feels good to have a long day.
Had to check out today so I did that, and then headed south to Monterey bay. On the way, I stopped at Moss landing state beach. I wanted to see the sea otters but there were only few of them. Instead, there were many seals begging for food.
Reached Monterey around eleven thirty. So many people! I didn't know Monterey was such a popular place. Maybe because it was Sunday. But even so, there were much more festival like things going on than I expected. There was no place for me to park so I parked the car at the Monterey bay hostel parking. Had a walk till the check in time. But the sun didn't allow me to do so. Locals may say what a nice day, but it was a bit much for me who isn't use to the California sun. Kept searching for the shelter from the sun.
Bought food after and then checked in.
Planning to visit the Monterey aquarium tomorrow.

not so interesting picture but that's my best today, under the heat.

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