Thursday, 22 April 2010

Chunk of rock

Got up, had breakfast, made lunch, and off I went to the park. It was raining still in the morning but it didn't last all day.
As soon as I entered the park, there were huge mountains showing their broad surface of rock. Amazing how big they could be. Never seen such a big pile of rock before.
I hiked up and down on those rocks for almost all day. Winter wasn't yet over up there in the mountain, many part was still covered by snow.
Was so excited to see the great nature, which was established, but I was also hoping to see those wild animals too. I did caught a sight of a bear but it was only a glimpse. Didn't have enough time to take a photo. Still, I did had a chance to see a coyote. I'm hoping to see plenty of wild animals at the Yellow Stone National Park.

Extremely tired, but I had a great time. I think I saw as much as I could in a day.
Hope you'll get some kind of an idea how those rocky mountains look like.

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