Saturday, 24 April 2010


Hiked around the Cambria area today. They have a nice trail which will lead you to the sea, going through the woods.
Had lunch sitting in front of the pacific. I made two, quite big, chicken burritos today. Kept on walking after eating and went back to the hostel. Had early dinner around six then headed for the coast to see, finally, the sunset.
It was so beautiful to see the sunset in such an open view. I didn't know that it is so difficult to take a photograph of a sunset. I couldn't tell whether it is better zoomed in or not. Posted the non zoomed one because I liked that one more. Still much much more to learn about my DSLR.
We had a fine hot day today but I could feel the temperature dropping rapidly as the sun sunk behind the pacific. That is one hot star we've got up there.

The hostel I'm staying now is so comfortable. It has a nice home like atmosphere going on and the location is great too. Good thing I booked for three nights.

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