Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Bit of a worry. That was what I felt as the day broke.
Although I had to check out by 10:30, there was no plan after that. So before checking out, I searched if there were any nights that I could spend at the hostel by the Yosemite National Park. No, That was the result. Still, I knew there must be a bed available for one person, so I called up the place. After all it turns out that they do have an available bed for two nights. Great! Destination decided. Next stop, Yosemite.
Maybe I was driving for four to five hours. Since I got confused around the hostel and been driving in a circle. Also it was not a fun drive. It kept raining really hard. Driving fast in a bad weather makes me nervous.
All in all, everything went well though. Now I'm sitting on a sofa in the cafe next to the cottage. So excited to see the great nature tomorrow. I know two days are far from enough, but the guy in the same room ( Jasper is his name. He told me that he and his friend bought a car for $800. How about that!) said he had seen a lot in a day so I hope I'll do as good as him.

I was driving most of the day so the picture above was taken yesterday during the hike. Check that smiling face on the tree. Sweet! I think someone did it but isn't it great if the nature was the cause of it?
Hopefully I'll have a nice one to post tomorrow.

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