Sunday, 25 April 2010

California sun

Didn't do much today. I think the California sun got me. Still not use to the heat. Also a bit tired from going somewhere everyday. Was kind of sleepy all day.

Checking out tomorrow. Cambria was great!. Very peaceful town and the atmosphere at the hostel was also fine.
Next stop for me is Los Angeles! I haven't been in big city in America yet, so don't know what it's like.(Although I flew into San Francisco, I just drove out of it without seeing the city.) I'm not sure what to see yet. Maybe look around the city and watch movie in a big theatre.
I hope I'll have a great time there too.

Picture was taken at the Hearst castle observation sight, five miles away from the castle. I did go somewhere today but didn't explore. I could have joined the tour which goes around the castle, but I had to wait for two hours for it. I was too tired to wait that long so just took a photo and then left.

I'll have a long rest tonight.

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