Friday, 23 April 2010


"What am I gonna do next" thing was going on again this morning. It was my check out day but there was no further plan.
I had a tough time thinking where to go, but I decided to go south. Quite further south, actually. I'm staying at a place called Cambria now. You can find it on the map going south from Monterey Bay on route1. But I didn't just drive there, I went through two national parks on the way. Kings canyon and Sequoia national parks. Both weren't at their best condition yet. Still many roads closed from the snow. Although, I could see a great view of Kings canyon and I saw the heaviest sequoia tree on this planet. Picture above is the over look of Kings canyon, which reminds me of those crystal geyser logos.
Altitude was so high that it was very tiring driving up and down the road. My empty plastic bottle has deformed itself from such a change in pressure.
After visiting those two parks, it was just driving to the hostel. But the views from the road was great too. I could see for miles and miles and miles in those wide open spaces. Felt the size of this incredibly big country.
Reached the hostel around seven. It is so good! Nature is all around it. I saw a huge pheasant driving here. Looking forward to walk around tomorrow.

I ought to make a plan while I'm here.

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