Tuesday, 20 April 2010

What a view

Raining from the morning. But I decided to go out anyway to the Big sur, which is located along route1. South from Monterey.
Stu and Anna were looking for a ride and they found me. When Stu asked me if it was okay to join me, I said sure. Because there was no reason not to, and I could do with some company. Not good for your health to be always alone.
As we drove, weather was clearing up. The views from route1 were beautiful!
Stu and Anna were going on a camp till Saturday so I couldn't join that, but I joined them for a day hike on the mountains there. Again, the view from the trekking course was beautiful.
If you ever visit near Monterey, route1 and Big Sur are the must visit sights.
I got back to the car around three. Had a huge brrito for lunch and drove up north again. But since I always wanted to see the sunset, I stopped by the sea and walked down to the beach. The Pacific! Never seen such an open view of the ocean. Oh, this would be a great spot to see the sunset I thought, but No! Here comes a storm cloud always on time to shut off all the sunlight and the blue sky.
Although, I wasn't that devastated. I actually had a great time waiting for the sun to set. Taking pictures and enjoying the view. Picture above was taken then. Silly picture but at least I had fun.

Successful day it was. Exhausted though.

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  1. I want to ride your car and to see the sea!
    I've never seen the sea on this trip.