Monday, 26 April 2010


Arrived here, L.A., around two. Driving here from Cambria wasn't too bad. Mainly highway or freeway so could drive quite fast. Driving into the cloud was fan. I could see the clouds being stopped by the mountains and it was flowing into north side like the water overflowing from a cup. One moment it was sunny and then, as I drove into the clouds, it was dark and cloudy. Very interesting. And since I bought a plug to connect my ipod to the car, I also had fun time listening to all the rock music. Buffalo Springfield for instance. I think they started their career in one of the cities in California.

Santa Monica hostel is so big! From Cambria to this is like wow! no kidding it's the second largest city in America.
Haven't seen around yet but I've seen a lot of people already.
Don't know what to do tomorrow but they have many guides for what to do in L.A., so I might follow those suggestions.
They have free movies on every night, so might check that out before hitting the sack.

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