Friday, 16 April 2010


Arrived at San Francisco air port after eight and a half an hour flight.
As I entered the country, I headed for the car rental service center. The car was mazda. I ate an apple and hit the road. I couldn't do no practice or see the road so I just had to drive. All the car was so fast compared to Japan, but because the road is so wide, it didn't seem so dangerous. Although I was driving alone, I couldn't stop smiling. Beach, sunny weather, high way, huge trees, me driving in America, it was all fantastic!
I had a big hamburger for lunch. I went to the hostel after but I couldn't stay awake any more. So had a shower and went to bed around seven.

What a tough day it was.
picture is the light house beside the hostel.


  1. Hey!I`m Daichi!Do you remember me?笑

    I`m glad to hear you could arrive in San Francisco without any troubles!

    How about an American hamburger?Is it big and delicious as I expect?I want your opinion.

    I played futsal with the members of SPL as usual today.Toshikun was very fantastic today as well as lastweek!笑

    Well,I`m looking forward to seeing your weblog again.

    Good bye!

  2. かぶれてる奴多すぎw

    Have a good trip!