Monday, 10 May 2010


Yesterday, I camped at Zion National Park. Hiked around the camping area in the day time, cooked dinner around six, then tried to go to sleep as the moon rose. Not much to do when it's dark. I cooked soup and ate some strawberries. I didn't have any cooking gear so used the soup can as a pan and just stuck it on the fire. It worked out okay. It was very hot during the day, but the night was freezing. I thought it would be cold but I heard that pair of shorts and a jacket would be fine…No way! I kept waking up from the shivering cold and strong wind. So I moved into the car. Very quiet and warmer. Next time I'll wear more.
Very refreshing waking up in the nature. There were many campers around but the nature made their spaces as an individual world. So, although I could hear noises of car engines or cracking noises of a fire wood, I was in my own space. Just me, myself and I. Awesome! I could do without those woolly worms though. So many of them…

Arrived at Salt Lake hostel around four. I don't know I like it here or not. Smells a bit weird and people are bit strange. I'll leave tomorrow and head for a hostel near the Grand Teton national park(if I can make a reservation), which is located just below Yellow Stone national park. I hope I can see the famous Salt Lake as I drive by, but there is a storm coming so maybe not.

day by day, it seems my appearance is getting closer to mexican. another guy at the hostel said I look like one. very interesting. tans and unshaven beards could make one a different person.

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