Thursday, 6 May 2010


No, I did not wake up early. Apparently, there was a monster in our room. Snoring kind to be precise. No dreamworld for me. Constantly waking up because of the monster's attack. I think he inhales both from his nose and mouth at the same time. That makes it extra loud. Never heard such sound from a sleeping man. Wow! It was annoying, but I was impressed after a while. Anyway, that's the reason why I didn't wake up early enough. Also that made me to go to Sedona instead of Grand Canyon. Thanks to the monster, Sedona was great. I didn't have much information about the place, so
after checking out where is good place to go at visitor centre, I decided to go to one of the famous spot "bell rock". It was very good. I sat on the shady bit of the bell rock and had lunch there. Watching the scenery from a high place and being on a cool rock was very relaxing. Without the shade, it was blazing hot.

Yes, I got up fairly early. I got a couple of ear plugs from the front desk to defend myself. It wasn't perfect, but it worked okay. Got up around five, made lunch, drove to Grand canyon and started the hike about eight o'clock. It was still misty and the air was cool and wet. My aim was to go down to a place called Plateau point. (in the picture, trail is the line in the center and where the trail end is plateau point. about 20km round trip) Going down there wasn't too bad. Seeing the unimaginable sites didn't make the hike so hard. View from plateau point was awesome! Definitely well worth the exhausting hike. Going up was the hardest part, of course. But around one forty, I was at the place where I started the hike.
Gazing up those walls of rock was absolutely breath taking! I think it was a very good way to wrap up my trip to grand canyon. Don't know what to do next. Maybe stay another night if I couldn't be bothered to do something tomorrow.

bit difficult to see the details, but those boots are covered in red sand. done a fine job. well done guys!!

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