Monday, 17 May 2010

In the City

I looked around downtown Portland this morning as I planned. The weather was fine again!
It was very green. Trees planted on the streets and many parks in or near the city. The thing I was most amazed was that there were electric vehicle charging stations!(picture below) Didn't see any EVs, but the way they are acting is very advanced.
I checked out the Lovejoy fountain park after walking around downtown. One of the few things I remember from my school days. Somehow I remembered teacher talking about Portland and the Lovejoy…. I think because the name was announced more than once, and the teacher was always recommending Portland. I was very excited to see the park, but the water wasn't there and the fountain wasn't fountaining. Still, some were studying, eating lunch, smoking a tobacco, talking…it is very nice that there is a place like that for people to gather.

Got cloudy and it rained a bit in the afternoon. It didn't last more than an hour. Made the street cooler and the temperature low. Nice.

I'm planning to wake up early and head south to redwood national park. I want to camp a night there since there are no hostels around, but maybe there won't be an empty space for me. That's the reason for the early rising, to enhance the chance of winning a space.
picture above: the magical see through building

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