Saturday, 1 May 2010

San Diego

I had a great time here. You might notice since I haven't been posting for last few days. Having fun too much, didn't have time to post.
I have my cousins here. I didn't use to have any cousin before, but now I do. That's so great! And since they are a married couple, I have two excellent cousins now. I'm so glad that we met. Thank you for being so nice.
They have shown me a lot of the city. I went to the San Diego university, huge zoo, ate great foods and had beer, went to see a movie, saw the big ocean again, had an american barbecue, rode a bus, comfortable taxi…ah so many good memories. I'm so happy. And the weather here is also great. It feels like it almost never rains. Fine day after a fine day. San Diego, place with a fine weather and many gay guys.

Sadly, I'm leaving here tomorrow morning. It was a very comfortable stay here. But, tomorrow I'll get to see the Grand Canyon! It's going to be a long drive, but to see the place, not a problem.

I heard an interesting comment today in a movie called
Exit Though the Gift Shop. I don't remember the exact words, but he said "life is like chess, and I don't know chess". I thought it was interesting. Although he didn't seem to be very serious. Movie had good laughing parts.
It's a short one, but I had a long day again. pictures were both taken in the zoo.


  1. Hello!! I'm Daichi.
    It seems you have a very good time in the States!! But I can't help feeling you are americanized....笑 Do you remember Japanese?笑 

    By the way, Your English is so smart!! you would say it was natural because you had been talking with your parents at home...
    I wish I could write and speak English like you,I had hardly heard you speaking English, though.笑

    Well, have a great trip continuously!!

  2. In San Diego... many gay dudes...