Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Another day at the Grand Canyon. I was going to wake up early and have a long day but somehow I slept till nine. So I couldn't do an all day hike. But I found a trail which goes down to the Colorado river. Might go down there tomorrow but if I don't wake up early enough, the direction will be changed to Sedona, famous for it's red rock.
It was a hot day again. Tomorrow will be the day to pull out my shorts from the backpack. Although, once the sun sets it's cool. They have a very changeable weather in desert.
Saw those ravens pecking on last night's left over again. Still lot to have. Maybe the carcass will last for a week or so.
Those squirrels in the photo looked like some kind of a bird or something. Maybe they were just showing off because there were so many tourist watching them.
New roommates today. Two Swedish and an Australian guys. Very friendly people. They have been driving all over the place. Starting from Miami and driven through Yellow stone and Grand canyon. After looking around here, they are heading for Las Vegas. Actually,
I think many people goes to Las Vegas after here.

Hopefully, I'll have an early start tomorrow.

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