Friday, 21 May 2010

San Francisco

Morning, I've finished my task of the day, to return my vehicle. I didn't like driving on the freeway in the morning when there are many cars and there were many turns to make to get to the car return station. But after finding the right place, it was easy. What I had to do was just leave the key in the car and done. That was it, bye and thank you my black mazda. Despite the long drive and many rough roads, he did a very fine job. I have no single complaint about the car.
After that, I didn't have a plan. So I headed for the hostel located in downtown. Checking in went okay, and I'll be spending three nights here till Monday when I fly to N.Y.
Since I didn't know what to look, I strolled through downtown. I had lunch at Japanese restaurant! I've always avoided Japanese food, but I heard Japanese food in San Francisco isn't too bad. I had a Japanese curry. That was the main menu of the place, and I love curry. Who doesn't I wonder. It was great! It has been a long time since I had japonica. Which was also great.
After lunch, I resumed my walk. In one street some guy will come to me and ask "could ya give me some quarters man?" and as I walk around the bend, I see big hotel where you don't even have to open the car door yourself. Like Redwood in a way, poor and rich in one sight. Although I wouldn't say it's the goodness of the place in this case.

I guess I'll see around the city again tomorrow, maybe pop into one of the museums.

picture: hare near Point Reyes yesterday morning

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