Tuesday, 25 May 2010

new york

Yesterday's flight wasn't too bad. Five hours and a bit flight didn't feel so long. Maybe I got use to it since I've been driving for such hours on my car.
New York city was humid and warm than I imagined. I had to ride the subway to get to the hostel, and it was more humid and warm in there. Reached hostel around eight thirty. My room was even more humid and hot. And worse, it stinks. I don't know how to describe it, but it's like a stinky sock or a foot. Or an animal pee. The way air flows in the room is so bad that the smell doesn't escape. The aroma is aging. And as it does, the stink gets worse. Every time someone enters the room, they go "phew!". I hope it to go away soon.
I walked to central park today. Goodness of this hostel is it's location. To central park, it's only a few blocks walk. Another nice day. After walking in the park, I entered the metropolitan museum of art. Also known as the MET. Incredibly big. I've been walking in the building for nearly four hours, but still there are things to see. Many famous arts that even I knew.
Going to the MET, I found out one thing today. My experiment to become a Mexican is nearly over. When I entered the museum, I didn't understand what the lady by the desk said, so I asked pardon? Then she answered in Spanish!! I didn't understand what she said, of course, but it sounded like Spanish. I said "what?" after that and she answered "leave your luggage in the room please." okay…strange thing. It never happened before so I was a bit amazed. But a very funny experience. I couldn't help grinning after leaving the entrance.

I'll see around the city again tomorrow. I didn't think New York was this hot. But it's better than a rainy or a windy cold day.

picture was taken at the central park

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