Thursday, 20 May 2010

it's a long one

I had an awesome time in Redwood N.P. I left Portland around four in the morning. I was worried if I could have an available camping site, but there was no need to worry. When I asked at visitor center, she said it's highly unlikely to be full. It's not yet the season to be so. As I decided my camp site, I set my tent and started hiking in the woods where the redwoods are. Spectacular!! Those trees are really huge and old. Many moss were growing on them, some had moss all over so that the tree was colored in varieties of green. I like the place so much. It was like a jungle. Cool and wet air but it wasn't uncomfortably humid. I guess the wetness is the key for those redwoods to live so tall and long time. After walking through a forest of big trees, river surrounded by walls filled with ferns, I came out in front of the ocean again. That is the best thing about this park, beautiful jungle and pacific ocean together! And the camping site is by the beach. It's all good out there.
Cooked dinner and went to bed(sleeping bag/tent) as the darkness came. That day was very long.
Yesterday. After the lesson in Zion N.P., I slept okay. Strong winds woke me couple of times, but every time I could hear the sound of waves crushing into the beach. It was nice. Weather wasn't great yesterday. As I finished eating my breakfast, it started to rain. Left the place and headed for Point Reyes hostel. Maybe it was another six-seven hours drive, but it felt very long. Anyhow, Point Reyes was very peaceful place. Thick mist through the hills and forests made the place very mystical.
Today. I heard there was a monster in the room again. But I knew he was going to annoy me, so I had my ear plugs beforehand. But I bet the monster last night won't stand a chance against my monster. He'll breakthrough my ear plugs and shake my brain. Only HE is capable of such an evil deed. In a way, I miss his snore. Maybe I liked it…no, noway.
Gone for a morning hike in the morning and then drove to the next hostel, Fisherman's wharf. To reach there I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was big and red. After checking in at hostel I walked to the bridge and had lunch. There were many dog running around joyfully in the water. I miss my brother Bob…
I'll have to return my mazda tomorrow. Sad, but happy in a way. Since I don't have to worry about a parking space, or a police, speed, traffic, it's sometimes easier without a car. Especially in a city like San Francisco or New York.
Last weekend in the U.S.

picture: the bridge and my bro'

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