Sunday, 16 May 2010


I left Boise around ten. Shame I had to leave so soon, it was a very cozy hostel.
About seven hours drive and I reached Portland. It was another fine day, but it rained a bit. I only had storm or no rain at all, so it was very refreshing to have a shower rain. Smell and the greenness in Oregon is very spring like. Back in the west coast area.
I haven't seen the city yet, but the area where the hostel is looks okay. The hostel I'm staying at now is very "green". They think about environment a lot. Recycle, rain water reuse, green roof… it's nice to be green. I hear the city is also like that, so I hope I'll see how it's done tomorrow when I look around the city.

Stay here for two days, and hit the road again.
picture was taken yesterday at Yellowstone.

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