Monday, 3 May 2010


Hot day again. Weather here is like super hot winter. Insanely hot sun, but wind is cool. And the air is dry, like winter in Japan.
I arrived at Grand Canyon around eleven. The view from car park was so ordinary that I couldn't imagine there lies the famous Grand Canyon in walking distance. But yes it did. Five minutes later, I was standing on the edge of the rim. Yikes!! Too high! One lady said to me "you made me nervous." Not only you, I myself was quite disturbed being so close to the edge.
The feeling when I faced the canyon was very similar to what I felt in front of the great pacific ocean. Ocean of rock. That's what it was like. So vast. In Grand Canyon you can "see" time from it's layer. Strange…
These are conversation between two old American guys.
"that's somethin' eh?"
Yes sir! Not much you can say about this place. Just stand there and say "damn…" That's the least you can do.
I didn't walk around much today. Maybe like three hours or so. Tomorrow I'll be walking the rim trail all day.
Saw a group of ravens feeding on a deer carcass by the highway. Not a view which you get everyday. It was my image of desert, black birds eating a dead animal in the open. Also known as Death.

I think it's gonna be a hot one again tomorrow.

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